Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Working with Wire

I like working with wire. To me it's an extension of my textiles and a way of giving more structure to some of my work. I bought myself a gizmo at the Craft Show the other day to help me with my wire. I do love gizmos and this one is actually technically called a gizmo: The mechanism is remarkably simple. I've been tempted to buy it before, but was put off by the price. I'm not very good at remembering numbers, so I can't tell you whether the price last weekend was lower than usual, or if I was just in the mood to hand over the cash. Whatever! I bought it.

Yesterday I picked up a couple of beading magazines. What did I find in one of the feature articles? Yep, some beautiful coiled wire work by Darius Q Seeto. So I have a bit more inspiration to go with my gizmo.

Today I do have a list of things to get done, and playing with coiled wire is not on the list. I think I can solve that little dilemma by making the wire work a reward for accomplishing some of my other tasks. Now: a coffee, clear the sink and on to my list.

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