Saturday, August 14, 2010


This past crazy week has involved designing of a different sort for me. As well as textiles, I've been working with graph paper and pencil: I was going to say, "bricks and mortar", but it's actually "timber and plaster". My dream studio in my little back yarn may soon become a reality. Reality and dreams are never quite the same. The sales manager from the Cedar Shed Company came over yesterday morning to measure and quote. I was shocked when I saw how little space would be left behind the house if I get the shed I've been thinking of. I'm now wondering if I need to get rid of the little shed that's already there. Then there's the reality of where everything will actually be stored and used. What seems huge in comparison with the size of my land becomes much more restricted in comparison with the materials, tools and activities I want to make room for . . . On the other hand, there's an awful lot of unwanted plant life and other stuff in that small space out the back. I would need to find a way of dealing with that before a shed could go in, or simply pay more money for some-one to rip it out and throw it away. That's rather confronting.

Today my thoughts will be elsewhere. There's a two day plying weekend on at the Guild--it's the next in the series of monthly workshops I've been doing this year and I've been really looking forward to it. I expect it will fully occupy me for most of the day, which will be great: tiring, but a complete break from other concerns.

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