Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the Armchair

I started a new blanket last night. I've been without an armchair project since the engagement gift blanket went to its new home a few weeks ago. We've had real winter weather for the last few days. Perfect weather for curling up in the armchair with a new project. More significantly, I've had a much more hectic time than usual. I've been considering the possiblity of becoming a foster carer for some time. Now a situation has come up with a family I know: their 8 year old may need to stay here for a while. That would make a huge change to my lifestyle. After a day of phone calls and research I really felt the need for a comfort project. If you've noticed a number of references to tidying up the sewing room in my last few posts, the missing bit of information is that the sewing room and the spare room in my unit are one and the same thing. This room would need to become a child's bedroom and I would need to rearrange everything else to fit. That's quite a challenge. There were a couple of boxes of yarn on the top shelf which had been there for a long time: what to do with them? You can follow my thinking . . . I bought some more yarn to match (oh, oh!) and started the blanket.

If you're observant and know your local yarns, you may have noticed something else about the pic of my new project: it's not all wool--shock, horror--I'm using cotton, tencel and acrylic! The yarns I had to use up were a cotton/acrylic and a wool/lycra. When I dropped into the local craft superstore I found some tencel-acrylic on clearance. The yarn had an irresistable sheen to it but, unlike the silk of my dreams, is machine washable. I bought it and after half a dozen or so rows, I'm enjoying it. Obviously there are some changes happening around here.


Anonymous said...

I think I need to get you to teach me how to crochet - sounds like some exciting things going on in your life! Keep us posted if you can :).

Textile Tragic said...

Would love to teach you how to crochet--and to keep you posted. We'll have to catch up, maybe on the phone? Just off to Caroline's plying weekend. talk soon.