Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Frog, Two Frogs, Green Frog, Blue Frog.

Remember those highschool days when you used to phone a friend to see what she was wearing to such and such an event so you could match? I admit, that was never my style, but I think I missed out on quite a bit of innocent fun. Imagine a bunch of women at the Guild on the weekend . . . E has come along as the teacher's assistant, but there's not much to do. She's sitting to one side of the group, knitting socks. The conversation wanders in an out of the topic for a while. There's a discussion about the various styles of self-patterning yarns available. It turns out that C and M have handknitted socks from the same colourway: Opal, Frog. In fact M has knitted three pairs of these socks, all different of course. The conversation develops into a detailed analysis of construction methods, length of repeats and colour placement. Remember, this is the Handweavers and Spinners Guild, where I fit right in--we're all textile tragics.

"Wear your frog socks tomorrow", C said to M"

"OK, I' will"

So on Sunday morning we had this picture: What you can't see is the twists and contortions it took to get the shot: C is taller and thinner than M . . . M is breastfeeding, so her bumps are prominent and tender . . . I needed their feet close enough to get all four socks in one shot and not too much distraction from the other bits and pieces scattered around the floor . . . let your imagination fill in the details!

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