Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garden to Go

My friend L came over to shift my little fruit trees yesterday. They were planted some ten years ago right at the back of my garden where my new shed-textile studio is going to be built. So it's a case or do or die. They have to go.

It's not the ideal time to shift fruit trees. They're just waking up from their winter hibernation. After trimming back the --budding--branches of the nectarine, it was a case of digging out the root in as compact a bundle as possible. That proved to be a tougher project than either of us had anticipated. An hour and a half after this pic was taken, the tree finally agreed to let go of it's hold on my soil. There was a long tap root. It seemed to go on for ever as we dug around it with increasing determination. It eventually disappeared into the next door neighbours yard. Now that little tree is at L's house soaking in a soothing concoction of seasol and compost and waiting to be replanted. I don't know what L decided to soak herself in after her huge effort. She's coming back for the two little apple trees today. They are still relatively dormant--we hope. Though it's quite possible that they will prove just as tenacious as the little nectrine tree.

I also have a small army coming to dig out the lovely veggie patch soil which would otherwise be lost under the shed and another couple of people coming to take away some of my landscaping plants. It's going to be a crazy kind of day. Tomorrow I'll shift my attention back to the sewing room where I have boxes of files ready to be shredded and patterns to sort.


Dee said...

Productivity and much activity... happy if tiring. - BTW L looks fabo :)

SewSofie said...

Your back garden looks lovely. I hope you get to retain alittle space for abit of that lovely garden.

Textile Tragic said...

thanks--it does look much better without all the weeds that were there up until the previous weekend. I'm keeping about half the garden--the rest will be textile studio. Planning for it to be more courtyard-ey. But my favourite silver princess tree is definitely staying!