Thursday, August 19, 2010


Something about all the activity around here has set off a creative bubble in my mind. I'm working on a piece of freeform knitting. It's part of a larger project, but this is the part that fits onto tiny knitting needles while I sit in the armchair. Hmmm, I think that armchair may need to be moved to my new studio if it gets built as I hope it will be. Anyway, the freeform knitting currently looks like this: The yarn is spun from some merino S had stored in her back shed. I've washed it and am pretty much spinning it as it comes. I spun and plied some and knitted some garter stitch. Then I spun some more, but didn't ply it. I'm knitting it as a live single, so it's got lots of energy and wants to head off in one direction. It's allowed to do that. I've got a bit more on a bobbin which I'm spinning today. It's a bit thicker and more slubby. I'll see how I feel about it this evening and add it to the mix. Just now I need to stop and sort through my papers. I need some documents so the planning application can be lodged for the shed project. That's not allowed to be freeform!


Anonymous said...

Looks like lace:)

Textile Tragic said...

thanks:) It's pretty fine--I'm planning some actual lace stitches for the edge.