Wednesday, August 11, 2010


These coloured tops have names like, "Emerald" and "New Jade"; except for the really green one, which is called "Kelly Green"--that's a bit less precious a name. I'm combining them in a marle yarn. I'm hoping to get the flecked effect of a stone like Malachite. I've spun a bobbin of the "Emerald". Now I'm combining the other two colours. Then I'll ply them all together. It's an easy spin for a cold morning, but I'll also have to get myself moving on some other tasks around the house. I'm still working to make more space in the sewing room. And my own room could do with some attention too. Somehow having housework to do only makes the spinning wheel more attractive.


Knitspingirl said...

What pretty colours - you sure have a talent for blending them beautifully!

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--and these were from the stash, so that much less wool to store.