Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot Off the Needles

I put this fun scarf together last night. Big wool plus big needles made a really quick knit. And the colours had me burning along, watching for the next hot combination. This is one of the "big wools" I'm putting together to go to CCCK. It's a lot like the "fat singles" I made a few days ago, but this one is wool rovings I picked up from a factory clearance. I've spun them very lightly and plied with a hardly there fine yarn. I made a mistake with the plying yarn and it didn't pick up any dye. You'll get an idea of how fine it is by the fact that it hardly shows up in the photo. Since I wasn't going to sell it like that, I decided to use it for a trial run or demo. One skein of big wool makes a generous chunky scarf when knitted on 20 mm needles. That's a good thing. And the shop has lots of 20 mm needles--I checked. Another couple of skeins of fat singles are on my agenda for this weekend. And a bit more of tidying up around the place, so I can enjoy my activities with room to move.


Dee said...

It sure looks hot! If you hadn't said, I would have thought that the fine white thread was a feature. Is it going to be a display piece for the yarn? It would be quite enticing - at least I find it enticing, but I'm not a knitter, just a nutter who likes fluffy, wooly stuff. ;)

Textile Tragic said...

Display? Yes! Enticing . . . just what I want it to be--good!

Textile Tragic said...

Oh, and you could knit this in one evening. It's all knit stitches, just huge needles.