Thursday, August 26, 2010

Variety Show

A new term of Patchwork by Machine got started at the Neighbourhood House yesterday. One of the exercises I love to share with new students is about fabric choices and contrasts. I find that often quite skilled, experienced quilters are quite shy in their selection of fabric. For me playing with fabric choices is half the fun of starting a new project. So I brought along my scrap box for the students to pick over. After tipping it out in the middle of the table, I asked each student to choose a piece of fabric that attracted them in some way. Then as a group we pulled out possible contrasts from the pile. It was an active, brainstorming type of activity and a good way of breaking the ice. Not that there was much ice to be broken with this group. Despite the icy weather outside, they were warm and relaxed. It's going to be a good six weeks.


Vireya said...

Sounds like a great idea!

joseph said...

Now there's a stash of fabric I wouldn't mind getting my hands on!

Textile Tragic said...

Vireya--thanks, it was fun.

Joseph--I'm cleaning out--no promises, but do you have any special requests?

SewSofie said...

What a great idea!