Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big and Bold

I had "Fat Singles" on my to do list yestarday. OK, no jokes about dating prospects are allowed! These Fat Singles are wool: thick wool, with just enough twist to hold it together and not enough twist to require plying to balance it. The dyeing process helps to relax out the twist, and--of course--adds the strong colour. There's nothing subtle about these, unless it's the variations in shades, which always manage to surprise and delight me. On my first attempt I drew the wool out too much. The singles were too thin and kept breaking. Then by the time I'd added enough twist to hold them together, they really needed to be plied to prevent them twisting on themselves. I called that pair, the mixed doubles. You can see the two skeins on the right side of the pic. My next attempt was much more successful. I have more of these to do today as well as some more shawl pins. I've also got a bit of paperwork to get through and a couple of appointments, so I'll have to manage my time carefully to make the most of the day.

1 comment:

Dee said...

aaawww that is a hard one to resist... resisting... resisting! still resisting...
oh and the colours are gorgeous!
still resisting. ;)