Sunday, August 22, 2010

Funny Farm

A day out was just the thing for me after an intense week of organising and planning at home. I headed for the Ixchel bunny farm and wasn't disappointed. Of course there were beautiful fluffy bunnies to keep us company as we sat and talked. There was also so much yummy sweet stuff that I didn't even consider eating anything else all day. Add the wild birds attracted by the seed left out for them on the verandah. And the chickens who knew how to get their share of the goodies. And Jazz, the bunny dog--she's so friendly, she actually howls when some-one leaves! Oh, and we did do some spinning.

The chickens just tickled my fancy. There's a gate to keep them away from the wild-birds' bounty, but no gate can stop this determined chook:
In case you're wondering about the orientation of the picture, so am I, but this was how I took it. You have to imagine the chicken's angular, jerky movements for yourself.


ixchel bunny said...

it was great having you ! and just in case you wondered WHO that determined chook is: it's Caramel and you can read all about her determined-ness on one of my earlier blog posts here: why did the chicken cross the road...

Textile Tragic said...

I remember that story and love a chook with attitude!