Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm off to the Bunny Farm for another day of spinning. There's heaps to do at home, so going away for the day is a good way of taking a break. One of the fun things about spinning with others is admiring their bits of spinning paraphernalia. This bobbin holder belongs to C. She had it at the plying workshop last weekend. I liked it enough to take a picture so I could make one for myself. It's basic, but stable--and would be easy to make. So it ticks all the boxes.

The common name for a bobbin holder like this is "lazy kate". I object! Why should the smart woman who dreamt up a labour saving device be remembered as lazy? I'd like to call it a "clever kate". Anyway, there may be some deep research to be done into the language of gizmos, but I've got a date with a beautiful view, good company and cute bunnies. Everything else can wait.

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Knitspingirl said...

I remember doing a plying workshop at Harrietville one year. We were making knots & bobbles, but one student was getting into all sorts of tangled strife, until she came up with the perfect solution ...
... Her hubby who just happened to be available sat at a 90 degree angle to her wheel held the silk reel she had been trying to ply with - thus becoming her "Lazy Kev"!