Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been slowly sorting through piles of stuff in what is supposed to be my sewing room. I say, "supposed to be" because it's been a while since there's been enough room in here to get much sewing done. I did managed to finish off three more baby bunny rugs on the weekend. That's six more metres of fabric ready to leave the house and hopefully some happy parents on the receiving end.

This was an unrelated find: It's a silk embroidery from way, way back. I designed the whole thing; appliqued the urn, embroidered the leaves and stems and just got started on the hydrangea flowers when I must've got distracted or sidetracked somehow--it's so long ago, I really don't know what happened. Anyway, there it waited, folded up in a little bag with all the threads and ribbons until the weekend. Now I've pulled it out and pinned it on my design wall. I'm giving it the opportunity to talk to me about its fate. I'm afraid it's doomed--I'm no longer enthused by it and can't think what I'd do with it even if I did get it finished. But I'm giving it a chance. Meanwhile, I'd better do some more sorting.


Dee said...

sounds like you have already made up your mind.
It has got great potential. The materials are quality. The stitching is done well. The colours are great. Put a few hours in and see what you think then. As to what to do with it... you'll think of something.

Textile Tragic said...

The voice of silk-stitcher speaks:)