Monday, August 30, 2010

Shawl Pins

It was a crazy, busy weekend here, with much garden activity, but I did manage to get these shawl pins organised before all that. These are a few of the twisted wire version I came up with before I discovered that the wire is temporarily unavailable. They display quite nicely on the black silk background in real life, but I'm afraid the camera didn't do too well at picking up the detail with so much contrast between the wire and the black. Hopefully you get the idea. I also put together half a dozen or so of the "book hook" version. I'd like to get a few plain pins done this morning and then label some wool ready to go, but I also need to make a bit more space in the sewing room. And somehow I'm feeling rather slow after that intense weekend. I'll try to be gentle with myself and take a step at a time.

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