Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colour Improvisation

It was close to my usual bedtime when I got home yesterday--my usual bedtime is quite early by most people's standards. But I needed some time to settle and reflect. My spinning list included more "fat singles". I wasn't in the mood for that. Instead I pulled out a bag of coloured tops I had prepared some time ago. I took out some colours, added others and played around for a while with combinations. I ended up with this "bush spring" improvisation. Colours of new growth and leaf litter--one of the things I love about our Australian natives is the red of the growing tips. Rose leaves have the same feature. I've spun short lengths of each colour. I distributed the colours fairly well through the mix, but I haven't arranged the order of the colours--that's as random as I could manage. My plan is to ply it back on itself--navaho style--to keep the colours as separate as possible.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful :)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks, I'm really happy with how it plied up too.