Monday, May 16, 2011


My weaving buddy E came to see me yesterday. More specifically, she came to see me and my handspun yarn. E is the proud owner of House of Cloth in Bendigo. This little textile paradise is about to go into knitting yarns and my handspun will be among them. It was a friendly kind of visit, so E came with her son C and two fluffy canine companions. As you can see, they made themselves at home. It was such a pleasure to show my work to a skilled craftsperson. She instantly appreciated the quality of the fibre and the amount of skill and time that goes into making each strand of yummy yarn. From a business point of view, she was happy to buy the yarn outright, which simplifies the process for me so much compared to a consignment set up. Plus I get the instant gratification of up front payment. Overall a satisfying few hours. Now of course I need to fill the gap in my stock created by E's appreciation. Meanwhile I have some assignments to finish for TAFE and a class to teach in a few hours, so I'd better get on with the day.

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