Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shibori Silk

"The job's not done until the paperwork's done", they say. In this case the "job" is my Shibori History assignment. The "paperwork" is the written report of my practical work. I presented my talk to the class last week and showed my shibori silk cloths. Now I need to choose a few photos and write up the marking criteria sheet so I can hand it in and tick it off my to do list.

Here's one of my photos: I didn't get very far with my world history project yesterday. I somehow got bogged down somewhere in the middle ages amongst the crusades and the plague. Maybe that's symbolic!

This morning I'm tired after teaching patchwork last night. The class is lots of fun, but I'm so revved up when I get home that it's hard to go straight to sleep and it's way past my normal bed time. I also have to have a fasting blood test done, so I can't indulge in my usual morning pick me up of porridge and freshly brewed coffee. My plan for the day is to bundle up warmly and get myself off to the pathology lab. Then I can shout myself a treat from the Lebanese bakery and get on with the day.


Dee said...

That dyed piece looks LOVELY!
Hope your eventful day wenr well.
... btw... i am still shaking my head about your world history assignment. what ever were the lecturers thinking?? and have they forgotten that it is a TAFE course and not a doctoral thesis?

Textile Tragic said...

thanks! I think the trouble is that they assume, as a TAFE assignment, that it can be done fairly superficially . . . anyway I'll probably have a sensible talk to the teacher about it after it's handed in, no point before that really.