Monday, May 23, 2011


Here's the completed Australian landscape tweed neck roll.I knitted up the sky yesterday. And I immediately wove in the loose ends. One day I might be so diligent about finishing things properly when I'm done with the interesting bits, that I'll stop publicly congratulating myself. For now I still feel so amazingly virtuous when I do the right thing that it's worth celebrating. Finishing aside, I'm really happy with it. The burst of blue over the bush colours catches me by surprise every time I look at it and makes me smile.

For those of you who are keeping track of my stack of assignments . . . this is one of seven for my history subject. I completed two last week. I have two others nearly finished and two yet to start. If I put in as good an effort this week as I did last week, I'll be well on the way to a comfortable end of semester. I only have two assignments for my drawing subject--and of course a folio of drawings. I'd better get back to work.


SewSofie said...

I like this one alot. Very clever.

Textile Tragic said...