Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flurry

It's school day again and I've decided to catch the train. From what I can tell from the timetable it should take about the same time as driving, with the benefit that I can knit along the way.

Meanwhile I've got several projects just about ready to hand in and several more on the go. The kitchen table is a mess of fibre and books. I need to pick out the things to take to school before I pack my bag.

The capsicum project is still evolving. Yesterday I bought a string of tiny freshwater pearls to serve as capsicum seeds. I won't have time to stitch them in this morning, but I wanted to at least have a look at how they might sit. After eating my toast I sliced open one of my "specimens" while I was waiting for my coffee to brew. Grrrr . . . I was going to add a picture of my capsicum dissection, but I can't get the picture button to work. I seem to be having a fair bit of trouble with my various editing tools lately . . . I'm going to have to leave it there and try again when I get home.

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