Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here It Is

I'm very happy about how the Quilt Launch went yesterday.

Here is the quilt: It was a typical Neighbourhood House day. The playgroup which uses the room every Monday morning ran overtime and had to do an extra quick pack of their floor cushions, crafts and food. Just as the last pram was wheeling out--ten minutes before the advertised start time--one of the guests of honour arrived. He's a new Member of Parliament and was representing the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. As soon as the introductions were over I asked him and his Electoral Officer to be "family". We put them to work moving tables and chairs to get the room ready. Meanwhile the kitchen was a-buzz with women putting the finishing touches to the spectacular food they had prepared.

The formal part of the day went smoothly. I was especially glad when M, one of the women in the group, spoke about her experience of immigration and the significance of the quilt. Then it was time to eat--and eat--and eat. Our guests went home with piles of food for their collegues who had to stay back minding the office. There were photos galore. I have one of the entire group with the quilt, but I'm not too sure about protocol for putting it up on my blog, so I guess I'll keep it for personal enjoyment. As a final bit of excitement, a representative from National Multicultural Radio came and interviewed the women. That will be aired in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you understand Arabic and I'll send you the details. We've been promised a link to the website and photo, so there's something there for the rest of us too.

When the guests had gone, the food was cleared and the kitchen tidied I expected it to be time to go home. Wrong! Up went the music which had been playing in the background; back went the chairs and it was time for dancing and clapping and generally celebrating some more. I was sorry I had to leave for an afternoon appointment.

Happily I've been asked to teach a sewing class at the Neighbourhood House on a Monday lunchtime, so I'll be crossing paths with the women regularly.


Dee said...

Sounds like a very successful day and the end of a successful project/process.
What story does the wall hanging tell?
Is there a way to zoom in on the detail?

Textile Tragic said...

I took lots more shots, including close-ups but wasn't sure how many to blog . . . it's not a story but the central message is the Arabic greeting which means "peace to everyone".