Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Finish

This little scarf was another finish on the weekend.
Despite what felt like an eternity of stitches-200 of them--it was a little shorter than I wanted. It's a while since I've made one of these sideways scarves. I must've used bigger needles last time. And yes it would seem logical to write down what I've done each time I make a scarf, but there are so many of them and each one its different--that's half the fun. And what seems "long enough" one day might turn out to be "a bit too short for what I want" another day. In any case, adding a couple of little stripes on the end provided a bit more interest and finished the scarf off beautifully.

By the way, can you see the difference in loft between the blue yarn and the multi-coloured one? It was actually the same fleece and exactly the same spinning. I flattened the multi-coloured one into a slightly felted yarn when I over-handled it to get all those interesting colours. Learning from that experience, I was extra specially gentle when I dyed the blue.

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