Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colour Challenge

I've been dyeing a lot of purple skeins lately. Admittedly it's one of my favourite colours, but it's also one of the top fashion colours this season. What better excuse to indulge my passion! My camera on the other hand is not so good with these tones. I took a few shots this morning to try to capture the variety. This one is the best of them, but it's not great.I've already set myself several challenges for the school break--coming up in only a few weeks now. Getting some basics skills of machine embroidery established is high on the list, since my textile art course seems to rely on that technique a fair bit. I've also been challenged to do some more drawing--I'm still incredibly uncomfortable with my pencil and paper. Some more photography skills had better go on the list as well. Hmmm and organising the house a bit more, and getting some exercise, and, and, and . . .

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