Saturday, May 28, 2011


Perspective was our topic for drawing class yesterday afternoon. With the help of our rulers, pencils and detailed instructions we managed to extract something that looked a bit like a real building out of a mass of construction lines. It turns out that a lot has to do with your point of view. I'm hoping today's experience will be similar. Here's a view of my kitchen table this morning.My cup of coffee is in the foreground. Everything else falls into place around and behind it. Having drained it, I hope everything else will fall into place and something resembling a reasonable day will emerge.

My first task is to list and price a box of handspun skeins for my friend E who is coming to pick them up for her shop. Next week they will be nicely established at House of Cloth in Bendigo. Then I have my stuff from last week's activities to put away. There's also some more spinning and knitting hovering on the horizon. Hopefully I can catch up with that before it reaches the vanishing point. . . .

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