Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Problem Solving

I finished dyeing this skein of yarn yesterday. I was experimenting with bound resist--stopping the flow of colour to different areas of fibre by tieing the skein with string. That aspect was successful and I have a nice range of colours, but the yarn was a softly spun merino and it didn't take well to the amount of handling involved in the process. The fibres have felted together a bit. Apart from the effect on the yarn itself, winding off a skein of felted yarn is a challenge. I've set up my ball winder on the table and the skein is over the back of a chair. There's a bit of tension between the two. Add a tug here and there and I managed to wind it off. Now I'm knitting a scarf. It's an unusual sensation with the stitches gripping the bamboo needles more than usual. I'll see how I go. Certainly I'm learning heaps!

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