Sunday, May 29, 2011


I received a welcome phone call from the Substation Artists' Market coordinator this week. I've been accepted for a stall there starting next weekend. One more opportunity to promote my work; one more challenge for my making frenzy. I made a pair of wristies on my way to and from school on Friday. Here's another pair in process:
In case you're wondering, I caught the train to school on Friday. It takes about the same amount of time as it does to drive. It probably costs about the same, by the time I factor in petrol and parking. The stress of peak hour traffic and the crowded train probably cancel each other out. The major benefit is time to knit. As an added bonus I bumped into my friend R on the platform at Flinders St station on my way home. We called her mum on the mobile and stopped off for a quick meal of pizzas at the Lebanese Bakery. I was home by about 6.00pm all fed and ready for an early night.

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