Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Armchair Project Upsize

I started this armchair project last winter. Look how it's grown!The idea started as a lap rug or couch throw, but since it's an engagement gift, there had to be room for two. The two live in Queensland where the weather is generally warm, but there are some seriously cold mornings and evenings in winter and the houses have no heating. I remember when I lived in that area, the adequacy of a lap rug was measured by how effectively it covered cold toes. Next came the idea, that since the rug was already going to be wide enough for two, it could double as an extra layer of warmth, colour and comfort for the end of a double bed. You're getting the picture: the ideas grew as did the rug. Now it's nearly finished. It has definitely outgrown my armchair. In case you need a size comparison--that little silver line at the top right of the pic is my crochet hook. Each row is 200 stitches and I've done more than a dozen rows in the past 48 hours. I'm keen to get it finished and on its way before the weather turns really cold again. And I'm ready for a smaller lighter project for my armchair.

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Dee said...

wow! It is looking fantsastic! I am sure it will be very much snuggled and appreciated.