Saturday, April 10, 2010

Travelling Light

I'm off to a colour blending and design workshop at the Guild today. I'm looking forward to it. Anything about colour thrills me. Plus the workshop leader is my friend and first spinning teacher, Teresa.

As for the travelling, well, I'll be going on the bus and the tram. So my usual take everything, it might just come in handy approach has been shelved for now. I can't do without my wheel, so there it is in it's silver travel bag. If I have to do without my car much longer, I might just get around to implementing my idea for turning it into a backpack. It's a colour blending workshop, so I guess that means carders. There are carders at the Guild, but they're a bit dodgy. I'll bring my own. Apart from that, we were told to bring some pictures for inspiration. I've raided a few from a travel article about the Northern Territory--deliberately opting for those with earthy browns and oranges to challenge myself a little. I can always count on the sky for some of my favourite blues. OK, so . . .
  • wheel--check
  • carders--check
  • inspiration--check
  • what else? A flicker to clean my carders, do I need to bring some fibre? Better make sure my bobbins are in there . . .
  • OH, and remember, I'm going on the bus, so take it easy with all the good ideas!

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Dee said...

one fun thing about public transport is the interesting conversations you get to have with fellow commuters when they look at your 'toys' with curiousity. I like hearing the stories of your interactions - and don't have to experience the inconvenience of getting to the destination weighed down.
have a great day.