Saturday, August 1, 2009


Perfect timing!

Within half an hour of my posting the photo of my completed bushfire blanket the postie arrived with a parcel from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I'd ordered the wool I need to start my next project a week before, and there it was on my doorstep just when I needed it. Here's my collection so far for the Engagement Gift blanket which is my next armchair project: The key colours are apple-green and burgundy with touches of teal. The mega balls you can see are from Bendigo--200g per ball: they're alpaca rich and mirage yarns. How could I resist with names like " apple rich" and "rich wine"! The mirage has a little bit of mohair in it to provide some texture. One of the other yarns I've chosen has some slubby silk in it. I'm not too happy with the colour reproduction in this shot, but I'll sort that out another time.

I've also been working on my double weave project for my weaving class today. It's just about time to pack up the car and head off. I have a "twisted cord twister" on my shopping list from the Guild's craft outlet. That will help me finish off the fringes on the bushfire blanket.

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