Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Transport

The things you see around town:
From what I could tell, this elderly lady was only going to the local shops. But oh! what style: metallic gold high heeled shoes, layered pink chiffon suit with fluted rolled hems, glossy black handbag, plenty of gold jewellery . . . I didn't feel right about photographing more than this, but you can imagine the coloured and set hair and carefully applied make up to match. And all on the Number 86 tram at four o'clock on a weekday afternoon. If I'd been driving, I would have missed it all.

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SewSofie said...

heeh got to love public transport! We went to a large playground yesterday and I saw a young mum dressed to the nines... hair done, makeup perfect, high heel leopard print shoes... need I say more?!