Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just for Fun

I'm going to have to buy myself a car sometime soon. It's been a few weeks since mine was damaged. Yesterday I received the paperwork from VicRoads confirming it as a total loss. I have started doing the basic research: makes, models, safety, prices . . . It's necessary, but uninspiring. At this stage I still have trouble telling one small car from another. In terms of textiles, the main thing is room for my loom. My spinning wheels are both fairly easy to pack into a small space, but looms are just big and bulky--even the portable ones.

I've been doing lots of walking--which is very good for me. And I'm remembering the benefits and drawbacks of public transport--lots of drop spindling happening! My friend L has been incredibly generous in letting me borrow her car too. I joked to her the other day that I only really need half a car, but which half? After some thought I decided that a diagonal half from the driver's side in the front to the passengers side rear would be ideal--not sure that there'd be much of a market for the other half, though! That got me thinking about three-wheeled cars. Here's a real cutey I found courtesy of Wikipedia:
I can just see myself driving something like that, though I would like a canopy for the luggage space. Fuel efficiency would be great and I'd just have to smile every time I caught sight of myself! Oh well, I can dream, but I'd better keep doing my research in the real world too.

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