Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beading Brightness

I managed to clear my big table yesterday! Blast of trumpets, please! Not only did I clear it, but I put all the things that were on it into at least semi-reasonable alternative locations ie I didn't just shove everything in a box out of desperation. After that it wasn't that hard to tidy up a few more things around the room and give the floor a bit of a sweep. Whoo Hoo! It's amazing how helpful an impending visit is to galvanise me into action. In reality, it was no easier to clear the table yesterday than it would have been on any other Saturday this year, except that my friend L was coming over to sew and I'd promised her some table space. As it turned out, most of the sewing happened in my sewing room--there is a certain logic there--and the sewing room hadn't received any tidying attention, but it was ok.

What to do with a large clear table? Well, as it turns out, L brought along a few jewelry items needing attention, and there's a possibility of my teaching a jewelry making class at one of the (other) local Neighbourhood Houses. So out came the beading boxes and tools. Here are some bracelets I made yesterday--the camera hasn't really picked up the sparkle factor, unfortunately--and a mermaid brooch from way back that was in the bottom of a box: I've been asked to show a small variety of my work to the House Manager, so this is a start. Most of my beading efforts end up as gifts and most of what I make for myself is in a narrow range of styles, since I make to suit my own taste. So I'm going to go nuts for a few days and just make some different things. I'm looking forward to it. Then I'll reclaim my big table again.

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Dee said...

oooooow large flat space ... and teaching beading - cool. hope it all goes well.