Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colour for Me

I ventured out to the nearest large shopping centre last week. I'd decided it was time to make a real effort to buy myself some new clothes. For a long time I've been managing with variations on a theme of black on black, with accent colours here and there. After a season or two of washing and wearing, black loses it's glossy blackness. My black outfits are looking tired, but my mission was not just to buy more black. I was determined to buy some colours to add a bit of variety and freshness to my wardrobe.

It was not my day for clothes shopping. After walking from one end of the centre to the other by various routes several times over, I had tried on dozens of different options. None of them were right. In one of the "big girls" shops, I saw a tunic top which looked like a possibility. The one on display in my size was black. When I asked the assistant about colours she looked bemused for a minute or two. Finally she suggested she may be able to get it for me in grey or brown. I shook my head and left the shop. By this time I was tired, frustrated and my feet hurt.

I decided to stop at the Art Supply store before heading for home. Suddenly my day brightened. Here were assistants who know the meaning of colour and were happy to help me shop to my heart's content. I've been wanting to paint up some colour studies for my own reference, and to help with my teaching. I spent at least half an hour discussing types of paints, pigments and papers with the women on duty. I forgot about my aching feet. I also forgot about my budget--oops--but I came home with these:
Watercolour paper and artist's quality acrylic paints in primary colours plus black and white. One more colour wheel coming up--I can never have too many colour wheels! What a pity I can't wear them.

By the way, I did get lucky on clothes at a factory outlet the next day. I found half a dozen items, only one of which is black. Now I just need to find the courage to wear them.


Dee said...

if i could i would send you a BiG bottle of courage. since I can't i shall just have to cheer from afar.
I love the way you make colour wheels. they make great art - no pun intended...
hmm any chance of making more than one? Ihave p iece of wall that could do with a happy colour chart?

Textile Tragic said...

One new item worn today--it's blue:) And I probably could do a double up when I mix my colours and make a colour wheel for your bit of wall, though I highly recommend the process as a learning exercise.

SewSofie said...

I too know the pain of hating clothes shopping but having to do it anyway. My most favorite black pants have turned a weird shade of burgandy. Off to the shops I go again :( Glad you could find something in your day at the mega shopping centre to make you happy.