Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carded Colour Wheel

The carded colour wheel from last weekend has been occupying my table all week. It's been a perfect task for those in between moments in the day. After the colour mixing, the next task was to spin the fibre on my drop spindle. Then I wound it off onto little cardboard bobbins--the ones made for embroidery floss that I seem to use for all sorts of other handy little jobs. I finished that off this morning.

Now to arrange them so I can keep all this colour for future reference:

I glued down the little bobbins onto a page of black card--I ended up trimming the excess white cardboard so it would all fit nicely. I still had a bit of carded fibre left over and I'm not in the mood for more mixing today. I'd like to tick this task off the list--much as I've enjoyed it--so I've arranged some of the excess fibre in the middle of the circle. It will be good to be able to see the difference between how it looks before and after being spun.

The glue for the outer circle is drying as I type. When that's secure I'll glue down the rest. I don't want to be worrying about bumping things out of position. Then I can clear off that section of my table and decide on my next project.


Dee said...

it looks really good. what are you going to do with it? it would make great art - hang it on a bit of wall and enjoy.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) It'll probably go up on my wall somewhere near where I spin--no point hiding it in a folder.

Teresa said...

That's great! It's good to see both the tops and the spun fibre. Hopefully will be a good reference.

Textile Tragic said...

Did I mention, I loved the workshop!