Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Pretties

I've just had my friend D on the phone. Her eldest daughter is getting married in January. She's at the wonderful stage of imagining and exploring all the exciting possibilities for frills and fripperies in, would you believe, Baby Pink! Thankfully for me, the stage of imagining that I could make the wedding dress--since I made several gorgeous dress up items in her growing up--is well past. The wedding dress has been purchased and if anyone makes the bridesmaids' dresses it won't be me. That just leaves the fun parts. D is planning an embroidered ring cushion. Together we just imagined the silk dupion, ribbons and emboidery floss into one of my dye-pots. Then I added matching silk hankies for the men. And ooh! what about little wrist purses for the bridal party.

Confession time--I'm not known for my frilly pink tendencies, but these three pieces of fabric were in the top of my "silk box". I don't expect any of them will actually be used, but here they are in their pretty inspiration. Now I just have to wait for some colour swatches--apparently a paint swatch from Bunnings is the thing! Then I can start playing with colour. Nine months out from the wedding, it all sounds like a lot of fun. And if all goes smoothly and there aren't too many last minute changes, it could continue to be lots of fun. Though I've experienced enough wedding preparations to know that somewhere along the line will be some complications and even tears.

Now as for today's realities--putting pretty baby pink aside. I have spinning and knitting to work on and a quilting class tonight. Oh, and no car. In non-textile news: my car was involved in an accident on the weekend--thankfully only the car was damaged, and the people are all ok. But it will be a few days before I know whether it will be fixed or written off.


SewSofie said...

You arent having too much luck with that car are you!! I love those silks and cant wait to see what you do with them. I love other peoples handicrafts!!

Textile Tragic said...

No, it hasn't had a good run! I'm hoping whatever it is doesn't run in threes--2 is enough.

Teresa said...

What a ?**?#@ to be involved in a car accident. Takes a bit out of you. I hope you're OK? Take care.

Catch up for coffee soon. I still have the weekend to go! See you then.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks . . . for the record, it was the car, not me involved in the accident--I'd lent it to a friend. So still a pain, but not so shaking. I'm looking forward to the workshop on the weekend--just playing with magazine photos now:)