Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality Check

This is the foot control pedal of my sewing machine: It's not working too well. The problem is that when I put my foot down, not a lot happens, until it suddenly goes flat out. It's been like that for quite a while, gradually getting worse. It's the sort of problem I can adjust for in a way, but not a lot of fun. I'm afraid there are a few of those in my life and I find it hard to get a perspective on them.

The other day a friend of mine used my sewing machine. She'd just given up on her own of a similar make and vintage because it was driving her nuts. I asked her how she went with mine. Her reply, "yours is worse than mine"! OK, Now I know I have a problem with my foot control. It's going to the nice "fix it" man today. I think I've waxed lyrical here before about the nice "fix it" man who likes old sewing machines. I'm also acknowledging a bit of a problem with my reality testing and tolerance for annoyance--but that one's harder to fix. Oh well, a smoothly working sewing machine will be nice and I'll keep working on the rest of my life.

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Dee said...

oh i feel so vindicated for all my whinging about your dear old machine. As I recall, it had a service after I had been using it (and complaining about it) a few years ago. I believe your sewing mechanic told you what a lovely machine you had, it just needed some mechanical loving. It improved for a bit... it was a few years ago. Here's to hoping the mechaninc can work his magic again.
Is this where I tell you that i love my new machine, I don't love getting used to it after a 20+ year love of my old sewing machine.
feeling your pain, well at least the sewing pain.