Monday, April 19, 2010

Autumn Dress Rehearsal

So it's mid-April--definitely Autumn by the calendar. But the season itself is not so convincing. A week or two ago I was sure it was Autumn. We changed our clocks back from Daylight Saving on Easter Sunday. Suddenly the evenings were an hour shorter. We had a run of days with maximums around 19-20 degrees. There was snow in the Alpine Region. The last few days have been summery again. Fine weather and temperatures up in the high 20's--oh Centigrade by the way.

I've lived in Melbourne more than ten years now, I should be used to the weather, but the first cool days always catch me by surprise. Intellectually I know that summer comes to an end and t-shirts are superseded by long sleeves, jackets and scarves, but somehow I don't really accept the truth until it happens. Then I find myself unprepared. There have been cool weather clothes in the shops for a couple of months, but I haven't bought any.

On the other hand there is always plenty of wool in the house! I crocheted myself this little scarf on the first cold day:
It's hand-spun merino and dip-dyed by me. I'm really happy about how the colour patterning has turned out. Now I just need the Autumn weather to come back so I can wear it!


Dee said...

I love the colour and patterning.

SewSofie said...

Beautiful colours. Just lovely. I agree.. this weather is worst than spring time in melbourne. Ive lived her all my life and it still catches me by suprise.