Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Olive Oil

I'm still enjoying the follow-on from last weekend's design workshop. Here's the silky mohair that went into the dyepot on Sunday. It's definitely olive green!

I'm thinking of making a little neck roll from it--there's only 30g of yarn. Maybe a mobius . . . I've got a scrap more--just the leftover bit from when I was plying it up--so first a little swatch to add to my design board. Now I need to decide on what stitch to use: simple stocking stitch, which will also show the reverse if I do a mobius; or should I look through my stitch dictionaries for something that will pick up the texture of scales from the lizard and snake? Hmmm, if I start looking through my stitch dictionaries it might be a while before anything goes on the needles. Then again, this is a design exercise, so I may as well keep going with the process, even if I come back to the idea of stocking stitch.


Dee said...

olive oil is a very appropriate name - it looks like that yellowy colour of olive oil. have fun dreaming up a suitable 'scale' stitch.

Teresa said...

Gorgeous! What a great match to your inspiration. What about the shape of the bottle as another way of looking at stitch patterns? I keep thinking maybe lace?

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Teresa:) I was looking at the smoothness of stocking stitch as being about as "glassy" as I can get in knitting. Hadn't gone beyond that, but the possibilities are endless!