Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Bonus

I caught up with my weaving group at the Guild yesterday morning. Not that I've been doing any weaving--but it was good to see what others have been doing and to urge myself to get back to my loom. Realistically that's not going to happen until I've finished my spinning folio. Then it will be time to explore ideas and weave just what I like.

One of the weavers had been to Orange to pick up a loom--believe me it's a long way to Orange. And even further to get back in a small car loaded with weaving equipment! Just as well she has friends there, because the loom itself was a bit of a disapointment. As well as the loom and a big bundle of fibre, S came home with a box of books and magazines. She brought along some to share. How could I resist this!

I've had a bit of a browse through it. These colour exercises might just have to be what I weave as soon as I get a chance to get back to it. On the other hand, I kept myself busy with my drop spindle throughout the morning. The fine angora-merino blend I've been spinning is also claiming first spot on my loom. So we'll see which project wins the race. Or then again it could be one of the many other ideas that are buzzing around in my head. Meanwhile I have several more books to glean ideas from when I'm not spinning.

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Anonymous said...

You are as bad as me! I have actually spun and finished (well 99%) two small projects lately and knitted up some leg warmers for Sophie's birthday so I am actually doing stuff AND finishing it for a change. I am trying to go through the wool/fibre stash and use it up. Weaving looks like a highly productive way to use it but maybe not for me for a few years.