Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clayton's Rib

The rib you have when you're not having a rib:I saw this stitch pattern on the weekend in a book of baby cardigans my friend M was working from. They called it a garter stitch rib. Every second row is garter stitch. The other row is K3, P3, K3, etc. The yarn here is a mohair blend, so that makes the resulting fabric even softer in outline. I'm enjoying it--just a simple scarf with some of the yarn left over from the Engagement Gift Blanket. I put the last stitch in that project this morning and immediately cast on something quick and easy! Now I must get the blanket fringe sorted so that project is really complete and ready to send to its final destination.


Dee said...

oooow looks cute. congrats on finishing the mammoth armchair blanket project.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--finished and still to finish, you know how it goes:)