Sunday, June 21, 2009


Four human visitors and two dogs! That's a lot for someone who doesn't do much entertaining. These little guys are cavalier-poodles and they had a bit of fun exploring my front garden and tentatively getting to know my Jackies. I reckon they're as close to canine teddy bears as I can imagine:) By the way, that is not my front garden in the pic--I don't have a single blade of grass. Correction, I only have kikuyu grass growing in my garden beds where it's not supposed to be!

The dogs were fun, but not very productive. The humans were great. Cuppa's and admiration all round and M managed to shred a huge pile of files for me. That's two boxes of shredded paper going to make V's chooks comfortable and lots more space in my sewing room--and a considerable weight off my mind.

What about textiles? Well, I can now see patches of my big desk in the sewing room. Another couple of days like yesterday and I'll have it clear enough to use. Today I must, must, must do some weaving. I still have to finish the damask and then put another warp on and start weaving that before class next weekend.

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