Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Blue

I'm waiting on a tradesman to arrive to finish off my floor. The story is turning into an epic saga! Hopefully today will be the final chapter and I can move on to the "happily ever after".

But, just to keep life interesting and textile, there is one more bucket of colour left from Sunday's workshop. It's blue:

. . . the bucket is green:) the dye is blue and the fabric has been soaking for two days now. I was a bit more ordered in the way I tied this one up and it might even turn into a class sample. It's fan folded in one direction and then rolled. I'll be keen to see how the colour has developed. The turquoise colour dye is the slowest to develop and it's been rather cold, so I'm hoping to get a halo of different blues around some of the patterning. But first I have to prepare to move all my furniture and boxes again, so the gaps between boards can be filled.

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Dee said...

what a cool pic! when i first opened the blog it looked like a shiny black ball with a blue fabric roll sticking out of it, all on a green surface. i had to look againg to see it as it really is. :) i look forward to seeing how it turns out.