Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Action Shot

I didn't get much homework done for my weaving course last week. So while the rest of the class went on with the new exercise, I tried to catch up with my damask weave. While I was at it, I tried to take some photos to demonstrate the technique. I'm going to have to have another go at that, but meanwhile,here's a shot of how the pick-up technique looks:

I've picked up the threads which correspond with the picture on my graph. The white card underneath is there to make it easier to count threads.

What I realised when I tried to take step by step shots is that there are four or five actions to carry out for each section of instructions. With four sets of instructions to weave each line in the picture, that comes to a lot of actions. I wonder whether it's time to try a video!


Gertieanne said...


A video would be great!!!

Dee said...

does your camera have a video function? most compact digital cameras will do several minutes of video at a time with no trouble. it's not the same quality as a proper video, but would give you the idea for learning. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Yes and no:) I've just spent a couple of hours doing a step by step with commentary. As you can see, it requires several points of view and I need both hands for weaving. So I think I'd want a proper video camera and some-one to hold it.