Friday, June 26, 2009

Puppy Love

OK, so they're way past being puppies--they are definitely middle aged dogs. But I found this fabric irresistable:
My task for this morning is to turn it into doggy bean bag covers. It will be just right for their favourite spot in the sun. I'm planning to make two--one in the wash, one in use--and hopefully I'll be able to keep them looking somewhat civilised--the bean bag covers, that is.


Dee said...

That fabriic is cute. i am amused at the thought that you actually think you may be able to keep white based dog beds looking civilised. :) we just made a new cover (dark red fabric) for our dog's bed and after two days it looks 'loved'. good luck.

Textile Tragic said...

I'm kinda counting on the fact that it's a "beige" colour base and hoping it won't look too obvious when the shade of beige darkens gradually:)Oh well, I'll see how I go.