Monday, June 8, 2009

Living Fibre

Here I am at Anna's place. She shares her home with a warm bundle of living fibre:)Hello from Muki the rabbit. I'm learning to like her more and more as I get to know her better. In addition to luscious soft bunny fluff, she has a surprisingly well developed personality. She can be very curious, cuddly or adventurous, at different times. And when she stamps her foot, it is well and truly stamped! I used to think "thumper" was an honorary title, but I was wrong.


Vireya said...

Oh, what a cutie! But does she use a litter tray or does someone have to pick up after her all the time?

(PS - you will be glad to know I just finally emailed off THAT stuff.)

Textile Tragic said...

She is a cutie and she does use a litter tray! She also eats from your hand . . . sometimes:)

Dee said...

ohhh i would so like to touch her. she looks soooo cute and cuddly. :)