Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coming Along Slowly

Good News
I now have some bamboo flooring installed at my house. It looks great:Not so good news
They managed to get the hallway and a small section of the living area done yesterday. Today they have another couple of men on the job and hopefully will get a bit more done. I learned last night that the boards need to be weighed down overnight after they're laid down. So juggling my stuff from place to place to make room for the men to work is going to be tricky. I gave permission for the workmen to move the stuff I've got put away in my sewing room. I don't feel great about that, but I do want them to get on as efficiently as possible, and that seemed to be the only way. At this stage it seems they'll have to come back Monday to do the finishing off, skirting boards etc.

More Textiles Coming Soon
I haven't forgotten that this blog is supposed to be primarily about my textile work, but the flooring project is pretty much overwhelming everything else at the moment. I did get some spinning done at Anna's place yesterday. It's fine, worsted alpaca for my folio. I'll see if I can do a bit more spinning today. I'm continuing to knit my bamboo-wool blend yarn in sympathy with my flooring project. I'm repeating the neck roll idea, but with a few more stitches and a size larger needles. I'm looking for a bit more drape. It will be great to be able to compare the two versions.


Dee said...

The flooring is kind of a textile... just in a flat, smooth form. :) it is interesting to follow along with what is happpening.
some pics of the neck warmers on a model would be good :)

Textile Tragic said...

Yep, I'll try for that when things are a little more settled. I didn't have my camera with me the other day.