Thursday, June 18, 2009


Rob came over to give me some emotional back-up yesterday morning. I had the flooring people coming for what I hope will be the last time. I had to act like the "customer from hell" for a few minutes and demand that they check and fill every single gap between the floor-boards. The gaps were several mm wide. That's wide enough to let in water if I spill something--and you know, I'm sure to spill something! The workman who came was good about it and set to work much more willingly and thoroughly than I'd feared, but I didn't feel as though I had it in me to handle it on my own. So I asked Rob to come over.

Rob is the husband of one of my oldest quilting buddies and his mum is the one who introduced me to the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild. That's an impressive pedigree. He has a lathe and does some wood-turning. So when I fell in love with drop-spindling earlier this year and couldn't find any Australian spindles, I asked him for help. He's been working on the challenge on and off. Yesterday he brought a prototype, partly finished, to compare and consult. How's this for a handful of beauties!
The dark one at the front is the one I bought earlier this year. It's made in the US and it's a dream to use--it just doesn't want to stop spinning. The largest spindle at the back is politely referred to as a "student spindle", it came flat packed from New Zealand. I'm afraid it didn't have any aspirations of dreaminess. Rob's prototype is on the right.

After a coffee and a chat, Rob went off to continue development. He asked if I'd like the big spindle "trued". Did I ever! He came back with it: glued and turned and polished. It's now a joy to use. It's graduated from being a "student" to being a "master". He also finished off his prototype: complete with groove and fine hook. It's great. Just what I was hoping for. So there's another member in my drop spindle family--and a smile on my face.

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