Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Still Here

Here I am back at Anna's, but the good news is that I spent most of today at my place, starting to put things in place. The floor was pretty much finished yesterday--all except for some gaps that I'll have to get sorted out on Monday. My friend, V, helped me with the big items of furniture this morning and helped me to assemble my new bed--it came flat packed from the Ikea, the home of the Allen key.

Tomorrow is the Cotton Hand-dyeing workshop at the Neighbourhood House. It hasn't turned out to be great timing, but I did manage to find everything I need amongst the boxes. Thankfully most of my dyeing stuff lives in the bathroom. I've done so much cotton dyeing now, that I feel pretty confident with it and I'm counting on the students' enthusiasm sparking off my own. My own enthusiasm is there, it's just a little dusty and battered after a heavy week.

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