Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Acts of Colour

I taught a dyeing workshop on Sunday--"Any Colour You Like". I need my head read! Sunday was not a good day for me to teach anything, but thankfully I'm familiar with the topic and had a keen group of students. I think I must have siphoned off some of their energy, because I'm sure I didn't have enough of my own at the beginning of the day.

There are always bits and pieces of colour left at the end of a day. I love the randomness of just going with what's there. So I tipped all the leftover bits that looked like reds and yellows of any sort into one bucket and tied up a bit of fabric to go in there. Here it is:
I haven't rinsed it out yet, but it looks interesting.
My house is feeling even more random than my dyeing today. I got rid of various items of furniture when I packed up the house. They were things that weren't working for me and needed to be replaced. OK, now I'm home and trying to put everything away. I need to replace those items to stop myself going completely crazy. I had a very unsuccessful trip to Ikea yesterday! Meanwhile, I've at least managed to get the computer set up again. I'm trying to take one step at a time. Don't ask me why one piece of random-dyed cotton gets to be a priority when the whole house is topsy-turvy, but I'm going to finish rinsing it out now.


Vireya said...

Well hooray for having the computer set up again, anyway! And I'm interested to see how that piece of fabric turns out.

Textile Tragic said...

It's looking more promising than the house! The floor guys need to come back tomorrow to fill in gaps in the joins between boards. So I'll be in boxes for a couple more days:(

Dee said...

one piece of fabric getting priotity makes perfect sense... it is controlable, finite and not likely to be overwhelming - it is also highly likely to pay a smile :)