Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Armchair Time

We've just had the shortest day of the year. The shortest day means the longest night. The longest night means lots of armchair time. Armchair time for me is usually the time between dark and bed-time. Add to that the time between when I get up and when the sun gets up. Right now that's a fair bit of time. So my armchair project is growing. Here's how it looks this morning.

I've just bought some new yarns to incorporate into the colour combinations.

The "armchair project" now has a queue. I'm planning another blanket for an engagement gift. I've started buying wool for it, but I need to get this one finished first. So, it's just as well there are a couple of months of longer evenings to look forward to.


Ang Pang said...

Heh, I really like that colour scheme Chiara!!

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Ang:)

Dee said...

that rug is looking good. will you please show us the colours for the new project?

Textile Tragic said...

No, I think I'll torture you a bit longer and keep myself moving on this one:) Actually, I'm still waiting on delivery on some of the main colours.