Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Da Da Da! Damask!

The picture is complete!Do I sound excited about that? It's been a bit of a marathon. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks and I'm glad to have it out of the way. I still need to do a couple more exercises on this warp. I didn't get the beat right in the first patterns we did--it seems like ages ago. I'm hoping I can get that done today. Then tomorrow the wonderful Robyn will help me get the warp for the next exercise on a loom at the Guild. We're starting double weave on Saturday and there's no way I'll be caught up in time, so I'm going to do the Summer and Winter block weave in my "spare time" while moving ahead with the rest of the class.

Meanwhile, I haven't made much progress on the unpacking since the weekend and there's still spinning and dyeing waiting for my attention. I did find my white homespun, but my washing machine died while I was washing it to prepare for dyeing. That means buying a new washing machine is now on my list of urgent tasks. It's been a heavy few weeks. So, I'll try to remember to smile at my fantasy bird done in damask and tackle one thing at a time.


Vireya said...

Wow! That looks terrific.

Gertieanne said...


Dee said...

yeay! top stuff. it looks great! :)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks:)